Visian ICL™ Phakic Lens Implant

The Visian ICL™ is a highly biocompatible intraocular lens implant designed to be placed inside the eye, just behind the pupil and iris, without removing the natural crystalline lens.  This lens implant is used to correct moderate to high nearsightedness (myopia) and (with LRI astigmatism, and is especially indicated for those patients with such high myopia that they are not good candidates for other refractive procedures such as NuSite™ Advanced Surface Ablation or LASIK.


This lens implant is designed primarily for those patients under 40, who still have their natural focusing ability (accommodation) and have not developed any significant cataract (clouding of the natural crystalline lens).  It can also be used sometimes between age 40-55, when the patient does not exhibit significant cataract, and wishes to either do monovision (one eye for distance and one set for near) or both eyes corrected for distance vision and then wear over-the-counter reading glasses for near. 

The Visian ICL™ has an extremely high patient satisfaction rate and often improves the vision compared with glasses and contact lens worn prior to the surgery.  Studies show that this implant also produces, in most cases, a higher quality of vision compared to results from corneal refractive surgery, such as LASIK or PRK. 

The actual surgical experience with Visian ICL™ is usually quite fast and comfortable.  We use a mild sedative that helps you relax, and powerful anesthetic eye drops that prevent discomfort.  The procedure takes about 15 minutes to complete during which you'll see colored lights and movement but no pain.  The procedure is performed in our state licensed, Medicare accredited and AAAHC certified in-office ambulatory surgery center where safety and quality are emphasized.  Visual improvement is noticed immediately with continuing gains in visual quality over the first few days and weeks after the procedure.  Post-operatively patients usually experience just mild irritation for a day or two not requiring any treatment other than eye drops.

The "High Definition Vision" delivered by the Visian ICL makes this proven, technologically advanced vision correction procedure the choice for patients who need and expect high quality results.  The Visian ICL is clearly the choice for patients with an active lifestyle and those who cannot accept anything less than the highest quality vision.

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